Workplace vaccination mandates


It was only a matter of time before vaccination warrants and passports entered the general dialogue. It started off by floating the narrative by gaining public support of the vaccinated and claiming the virus was a pandemic of the unvaccinated. The us and them division has been created. National levels of government then took the lead in requiring vaccination of federal government employees, prompting educational institutions and the private sector to follow suit.

This momentum has led big corporations, Big Techs, the travel industry, and universities and colleges to lead the way in requiring their employees and students to get vaccinated in order to return to work or school. The extension of the mandate has resulted in pressure for vaccine passports to attend public events, restaurants, take public transport, and perhaps buy and sell in the market.

We have seen some decisions from the private sector that employees must be vaccinated to work in the office or continue to work from home. While the vaccination can be voluntary, it will put tremendous pressure on employees to decide to be vaccinated for fear of retaliation and possible dismissal. This measure is a trickle down effect that accomplishes two things. First, the employer is not necessarily seen as autocratic in their initial demands as employees start to give in out of fear of losing their livelihoods and second, the employer still demands that many unvaccinated employees continue to operate and this slow cooker buys time. Ultimately, tough decisions about vaccination and job retention are likely to arise in some workplaces.

To be clear, I am by no means against vaccines or an anti-vaccine. What is important here is to ask whether this drug given under emergency authorization is carefully controlled.

This does not mean that the vaccine is dangerous, but rather unresolved questions and concerns requiring answers. It is not a conspiracy theory; pretty honest questions with not-so-clear answers about a drug that hasn’t yet been approved by the FDA.

In good conscience, companies should not force their employees to inject an experimental vaccine into their bodies in order to get to the workplace and keep their jobs. It is inhumane to do so; and we can regret this action in the years to come.

This drug, we were told, was supposed to be effective and allow us and the world to take our masks off and get back to normal. Some proudly claimed to have found their freedom after taking the two doses of the vaccine. I wondered what some might feel after injecting the failed AstraZeneca vaccine which is not recognized as viable in many countries. It is a drug that the rich countries are now giving or perhaps a better definition of dumping on the poor countries rather than injecting the dismal vaccine into the bodies of their own citizens. What courage and generosity.

Fast forward just a few months after the Masks’ Declaration of Independence; and nothing in vaccines has shown that the pandemic is over, except for what looks like less serious illness for those vaccinated if they get infected with the virus. We are now being told to hide in the wake of many groundbreaking cases where the vaccinated are now falling with Covid.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is trying to determine what role vaccinated carriers may have played in Provincetown, Massachusetts, where three-quarters of the 469 residents infected in a COVID-19 outbreak have been fully vaccinated. This alarming story along with other widespread breakthrough cases prompted the CDC to reissue mask warrants.

A recent major study from the Mayo Clinic that looked at thousands of PCR tests in six states found that the efficacy of COVID infection fell in July to 42% for the Pfizer vaccine and 76% for the Moderna vaccine. Immunity decreases following injections of vaccines; and it is very surprising that the cases of rupture are increasing so rapidly. There is now a high probability of multiplying additional vaccine injections for the third time and possibly a fourth injection which could result in the production of more variants as the virus mutates many vaccines.

In addition, there is real evidence that people who have already contracted the coronavirus have antibodies, if not stronger than vaccines; and they are told to vaccinate. Should a ten-year-old, a fifty-year-old marathoner, or an 80-year-old with stress problems receive the same dosage of unapproved vaccine? To be clear, no single drug is the best for everyone and should be carefully weighed with the family and your doctor.

There is real evidence that many people have died after taking the vaccine; whether from the vaccine itself or as a result of a case of COVID being discovered after receiving the vaccine. We only hear about the protection on the rise while taking the vaccine. Vaccines are generally not overtly dangerous, but they are not without risk. While about 160 million Americans receive the annual influenza vaccine each season when up to 200 people die as a result of this vaccine, it is a much different story with the COVID vaccine.

In the first four months of 2021 alone, there were more deaths after taking the COVID vaccine than all the other vaccine deaths tracked during the 15-year period from 1997 to 2013. It’s mind-boggling. According to data from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), they have recorded more than ten thousand known deaths related to the COVID vaccine. How many are not reported? The VAERS has also reported thousands of heart attacks, chest pain, hospitalizations, tinnitus, and high rates of deep vein thrombosis.

Yes, side effects are to be expected but at this rate do we know the long term impact. In contrast, when the United States vaccinated 45 million people against swine flu in 1976, 53 people were said to have died after the gunshot. The US government immediately stopped the vaccination. The Menveo vaccine for the prevention of meningitis had one known death following the vaccine over a period of 5 years from 2010 to 2015.

For women of childbearing age, protein spikes have been shown to stay in a woman’s ovaries and not be flushed out of their body. Former Pfizer vice president and chief scientist Michael Yeadon has strongly urged women of childbearing age not to take the vaccine.

Why wonder about the safety of the vaccine for women of childbearing age and those who are breastfeeding? Well, there were thousands of birth defects that caused women to take thalidomide 60 years ago. Studies did not assess toxicity to unborn babies. So here we have an untested drug in terms of impact on fertilization where the vaccine concentrates in the ovaries and maybe in the background tissues like muscles at 20 times. We haven’t heard any reports on the impact of male reproduction.

Look, this vaccine did not prevent infection 100% with more and more breakthrough cases. You can still get it, you can still pass it on and you are told to continue wearing the mask after being vaccinated.

There are more questions than answers; and if anyone can unequivocally state that this vaccine is safe, then please state it. Again, that’s not to say the vaccine doesn’t work for a large number of people and reduces hospitalizations.

Interestingly, according to Luc Montagnier, one of the world’s top virologists and Nobel Laureate for his work in discovering HIV as the cause of AIDS, he says the world is silent on improving addiction to drugs. antibody (ADE) where this vaccine creates the variants by forcing the virus to find a way to stay alive and mutate or die. Perhaps the vaccinated will find themselves much more compromised in the years to come. We just don’t know; but we are ready to inject a third blow and more to follow.

Many have not yet been vaccinated do not hesitate alone on the unproven drug. It can best be described as people hesitating to be coerced, humiliated and pressured into participating in the biggest drug trial in history. If people are going to be forced to get vaccinated by warrant, the public has an absolute right to know the immediate and long-term effects of a drug that is not approved by the FDA and where nearly a third of employees from the CDC and the National Institute of Health have refused to take the vaccine – the very organizations that push everyone to take the COVID vaccine.

There has to be a better and ethical way for the private sector and the government to move forward in the fight against the virus without creating a division between us and them where the unvaccinated are not ridiculed as conspirators. , threatened with losing their jobs and their means of survival. , or worse labeled a murderer.


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