Woman says she has DNA to prove she’s a 21-year-missing Virginia girl


RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT / Gray News) – A woman from Indiana has come forward, saying she had DNA evidence proving she was Brittany Renee Williams, a 7 year old child who went missing from Henrico, Virginia, in 2000.

For 21 years, there had been no trace of Brittany, a tiny little girl with an angelic face, known for her magnetic smile. She was treated for AIDS and lived with Kim Parker, who ran an independent foster home at her home in Henrico, WWBT reported.

Brittany disappeared from the house in 2000. She had not shown up for school and Parker did not produce Brittany for court hearings.

A police search ensued, even involving local authorities digging up Parker’s backyard.

Detectives have long assumed that Brittany Williams was dead, especially without her AIDS meds. But that may not be true.

Kaylynn Stevenson says she has DNA to prove she is Brittany Williams, a child who went missing from a Henrico foster home 21 years ago.(NBC12)

Twenty-one years later, Kaylynn Stevenson of Fort Wayne, Indiana, says she is Brittany Renee Williams. Stevenson also said she has a certified laboratory DNA test to prove it, performed at Labcorp.

When you look at Stevenson, her magnetic smile, pronounced cheekbones, and other delicate facial features eerily resemble the little girl on the Missing Children’s posters.

NBC12 traveled to Indiana to speak with Stevenson. She has closely followed the story of NBC12 aimed at helping generate advice and justice for Brittany Williams.

“You didn’t all look in the right shape,” she told herself aloud, commenting on Brittany Williams’ research.

The state Stevenson refers to is Ohio. It was there that she lived much of her life with her adoptive parents, who gave her this name.

Kaylynn Stevenson, now passing through Brittany, says she has a DNA test to prove she is missing ...
Kaylynn Stevenson, now known as Brittany, says she has a DNA test to prove she is a missing 2000 Henrico child who is believed to have AIDS. Williams had long been presumed dead. The authorities are investigating.(Family photo)

Stevenson recently began researching his biological family, drawing from his strained memories.

“A lot of back and forth between Richmond, Virginia and Columbus, Ohio,” Stevenson recalls. “Back and forth all the time. “

Stevenson said she had an uneven memory of her childhood, only being able to remember bits and pieces.

“The room I was in was like a pastel pink type room,” Stevenson said. “I will always remember this little boy who was in a wheelchair. He was non-verbal. He was a lover. “

The charity or hospitality that Parker ran in the 1990s was called Rainbow Kids. Lawyers say Parker has taken in up to 50 children over the years, many of whom had serious medical problems or developmental disabilities.

“His Rainbow Kids operation was his entire existence,” Henrico Deputy Commonwealth Attorney Mike Feinmel said in a 2019 interview. Feinmel continued the fraud case ultimately brought against Parker.

“The money that was coming in was how (Parker) lived,” Feinmel said.

Henry Police Detective Lt. Kevin Howdyshell said several people who knew Kim Parker at the time contacted Henry’s Child Protection Services.

“Concern about potential neglect, concern about potential abuse of some of the children,” Howdyshell said.

In the end, Parker told police she sent Brittany to live with two women in California. However, Henry’s police said this was not true.

A woman from Indiana came forward, saying she had DNA evidence proving she was Brittany Renee ...
A woman from Indiana came forward, claiming she had DNA evidence to prove she was Brittany Renee Williams, a 7-year-old who went missing in Henrico, Virginia in 2000.(Family photo)

Parker has been charged with 73 counts of fraud, accused of taking $ 24,000 in government benefits destined for Brittany, court documents show. Parker eventually struck a plea deal to spend 10 years behind bars.

“I don’t remember much because there was so much going on… especially when you’re young… you can’t understand,” Stevenson said.

“I remember a feeding tube. I remember it, ”Stevenson added.

A large round scar is clearly visible on the top of Stevenson’s abdomen. Stevenson has several other scars on her stomach from surgeries she had as a child. But she does not remember the exact nature of these operations, or for what reason.

“(A large linear scar on Stevenson’s stomach) has come down here … to my chest,” Stevenson nodded as he traced the scar. “So we don’t know what was actually deleted. “

Several other smaller scars can be seen on the upper left portion of Stevenson’s chest. She says they were left behind by catheters.

Catheter scars featured in the description of many posters of missing children in Brittany.

But there’s one detail Stevenson says hasn’t faded from his memory, even though the name “Brittany” did.

“I remembered the last name ‘Williams’. For some reason it’s implanted in the back of my mind, ”she said.

Within seconds it took him to Google “missing children” and the name “Williams,” Stevenson said his life hadn’t just changed – it had been revealed to him.

“And the picture of Brittany Renee Williams popped up,” Stevenson said excitedly. “I woke my wife from her sleep and I said to myself: ‘It’s me! I know myself when I see myself. It’s me!'”

“From the hairline to the ears, to the smile, to the chin,” said Ladajah Kelly, Stevenson’s wife. “Even the mole on her neck… I started to put the pieces together so that it really was her.”

But despite the eerie similarities, Stevenson says she didn’t get any responses from her adoptive parents about her adoption. Stevenson’s birth certificate does not match Brittany Williams’ date of birth. Stevenson said she had not yet been able to get her hands on the adoption documents.

Several sources confirm that Henry’s police and FBI agents are testing Stevenson’s DNA with Rose Marie Thompson’s only other daughter. Stevenson said FBI agents in Indiana took a DNA sample from her in person.

“I don’t have AIDS at all,” said Stevenson, who says she has donated blood and had blood tests several times in her life.

She also has her own 7 year old biological daughter, Isabella, who is the joy of her life.

No doctor ever told Stevenson that she was HIV positive or had AIDS. She says she also received blood test results to prove it.

Before effective treatment for HIV / AIDS was available, about 25% of HIV-positive mothers passed the virus to their babies during pregnancy, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

“The facade that everybody put on is like – wow,” Stevenson said. “You don’t care about a human life. You are all so greedy and focused on money. … I was fundamentally deprived of a life I could have had.

So far, investigators have kept a low profile on the cold matter, without even telling Stevenson the identity of the potential stepsister they’ve taken for DNA in Richmond.

NBC12 has reunited with Anastasia McElroy, the first daughter of the late Rose Marie Thompson, Brittany’s mother. McElroy was eventually adopted by another family.

When we showed McElroy a photo of Stevenson as she stood on her porch, McElroy immediately started crying with emotion.

“I just started bawling and bawling,” McElroy said. “The emotion was so powerful that it kind of took over my entire spiritual being.”

We connected the pair, and their undeniable connection was instantaneous.

“Look at that smile on her face,” McElroy said during a video call with his sister. “I knew it was you.”

“I was actually ecstatic. She acts like a big sister, ”said Stevenson, who now speaks to McElroy almost daily. “A caring family member… who really cares. And she looks like me. And her kids look like me, ”smiled Stevenson.

Stevenson and McElroy wasted no time in performing their own DNA lab test through Labcorp. They say they weren’t surprised with the results. The report, which can be used as a court document, says the two have a 95.83% chance of being half-sisters.

“And yes. I’m passing through Brittany now. I don’t want any ties to my adopted name. It’s not me,” Stevenson said.

Sarah Minter was a childhood friend of Brittany, who first contacted NBC12 to do a cold case story about her lost sweet friend, whom she had never forgotten.

“There were a few mornings that I remember very well that she (Brittany) was a little sad to get on the school bus.” We also connected Stevenson and Minter via video chat.

“You were such a sweet child. You were so sweet. You have that beautiful smile… like you have right now, ”Minter said in tears as he watched Stevenson on the video call. “The exact same smile. … I know it’s going to be very hard for you, but it’s like a new beginning. Like everything that has happened, it is time for justice. “

Stevenson is currently fighting in court for custody of his daughter, Isabella. She believes that proving she is Brittany Williams will help her keep her child.

When asked, “When you look at the leaflet on the missing person, what do you think of this little girl? Stevenson replied, “This little girl went through a lot, but she survived, and everyone thought she didn’t. She is always there. She is me, and I am her. And so many people tried to break me down where I was nothing. But each time, I got up and decided to keep fighting, to keep pushing. I succeeded with my smile.

It’s a smile that beams with 100% probability when Stevenson is with those who mean the most to her: his wife Dajah and their two daughters, Isabella and Sarai.

“Blood doesn’t lie and a DNA test doesn’t lie at all. So I don’t have AIDS, but I’m Brittany Renee Williams.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding this matter. Stevenson and McElroy and no doubt many more will be awaiting the DNA results from the Henrico Police, and any impact they may have on Kaylynn or Brittany’s life.

“This case is active and we are working with our federal partners,” said Lt. Matthew Pecka, Henrico police spokesman.

Parker did not respond to a request for comment, nor did Stevenson’s adoptive parents contact their attorney.

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