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DES MOINES — More than 2,500 pieces of legislation have been introduced in the 2022 session of the Iowa Legislative Assembly so far.

That’s a lot for the 150 state legislators to do.

So the legislature has implemented a series of deadlines designed to keep lawmakers on task and winnow the number of bills that remain eligible as each session progresses.

This week was the second key deadline for the 2022 session. Most bills had to have passed a certain approval threshold to stay alive: a Senate bill had to have passed a House committee, and vice versa.

The deadline did not apply to tax or budget bills.

Here are two lists of bills: those that survived the deadline and are still alive, and those that did not survive the funnel and are considered dead for now. But beware of mourning the dead. If leaders want to resuscitate a bill or part of a bill, they have several legislative tools to bring it back to life.

As Senate Minority Leader Zach Wahls, D-Coralville, said this week: “The unofficial motto of this place is, ‘That which is dead can never die.'”


• Overweight permit for cranes (HF 2518)

• Dairy Processing and Production Fund (SF 2290)

• Task Force on Special Education in Private Schools (SF 2197)

• Volunteer Substitute Teachers (SF 2356)

• Department of Natural Resources Land Inventory (SF 2323)

• Establish intensive psychiatric unit in mental health institutes (SF 2216)

• Disclosure of a Defendant’s Privileged Records (SF 2328)

• Regulate sales of raw milk (SF 2309)

• Appoint members of the Judicial Appointments Committee (SF 2132)

• Investigate the impact of technology on cognitive function (SF 2359)

• Free admission to school events for young people (SF 2306)

• Payments for child care assistance costs (HF 2127)

• Setting childcare ratios, worker ages (HF 2198)

• Use of Simulated Firearms in Flight (SF 2173)

• No county names on license plates. Same as SF 2229 (HF 2220)

• Guarantee the “religious freedoms” of the government (HF 2437)

• Protection of consumer data (HF 2506)

• School Board Publication Requirements (HF 2499)

• Procedures for police officers to be on a list for credibility issues (HF 2496)

• Establish Iowa PBS records as public records (HF 2488)

• Removal of Municipal Utility Board Members (HF 2475)

• Legal representation in adoption (HF 2474)

• Inventory checklists for rental properties (HF 2471)

• Definition of anti-Semitism (HF 2220)

• Protects victims of sexual assault from questions about prior sexual experiences (HF 2239)

• Sanctions for assisted reproduction fraud (HF 2160)

• Expungement of Domestic Violence No Contact Orders (HF 2419)

• The subject of the contactless order must provide the license plate number for all vehicles (HF 2346)

• Authorizes the use of driver’s license photo in missing persons cases (HF 2123)

• Penalties for distribution of heroin identical to those for methamphetamine (HF 2462)

• Prohibit portable devices while driving (SF 2129)

• Prohibit non-competition agreements for low-wage workers (SF 496)

• Admissibility of hearsay exceptions (HF 2221)

• Line of succession of governors (HJR 2005)

• Discovery of evidence of sexual abuse (SF 2253)

• Authorize warrantless search of garbage (SF 2296)

• District Court Judge Appointment Form (HF 2338)

• COVID-19 Requirements for Schools, Daycares (HF 2298)

• Allow teenage workers to use pizza rollers (SF 2190)

• Amended state constitution to allow 18-year-olds to vote in accordance with federal requirements (SJR 9)

• Radon test in schools (HF 2412)

• Regulation of food delivery by third parties (HF 2408)

• Develop a shelter for newborns (HF 2420)

• Threading (SF 2119)

• Cashless betting and esports (HF 2497)

• Extension of the deadline for claiming credits from previous solar projects (HF 2395)

• End of Senate approval of many Governor appointees (SF 2263)

• Public assistance needs (HF 2438)

• Develop planning and zoning councils (SF 2285)

• Establish daylight saving time all year round (HF 2331)

• Charges employees for copies of personnel records (SF 2169)

• Regulation of mountain bikes on motorways (HF 2130)

• Establishment of public redistricting hearings (HF 2538)

• Criminalization of Elder Abuse (SF 522)

• Procedures for setting up public safety nuisances (HF 2340)

• Prohibition of automated traffic control cameras (SF 2319)


• Prohibition of “obscene” school materials; fee for educators (SF 2198)

• Dissemination of obscene material to minors (HF 2176)

• Revision of presidential decrees (HF 2256)

• Increase the capacity of mental health institutes (HSB 531)

• Marsy’s Victims Rights Act (HSB 525)

• Year-round school (HSB 574)

• Reasonable accommodation for pregnant workers (HF 2257)

• Require cursive instruction (SF 2351)

• Spousal court testimony privilege (HF 2282)

• Authorization of limited beer purchases for restaurants and bars in convenience stores (HF 2379)

• Regulation of Insurance Appraisers (HF 2299)

• Regulation of abortions by telemedicine (HF 2389)

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