Top 10 Animals That Can Reproduce Without Sex


Many animals can reproduce without sex, it will interest you to know that some of these animals that can reproduce without sex are the ones you never imagined.

Some of these animals give birth through Oviporous (laying eggs) while others give birth through Vivaporous (live birth).

However, some animals have both male and female reproductive organs, which forces them to reproduce even without having sex with each other.

The table below contains a complete list of the top 10 animals that can reproduce without sex:

Rank: Last name: Phylum:
1 whip lizard Chordata
2 Aphid Arthropods
3 Sponge Porifera
4 Starfish Echinoderms
5 stick insects Arthropods
6 Flatworm Flatworms
seven the Sharks Chordata
8 Scorpios Arthropods
9 Amazon Molly Chordata
ten wasps Arthropods

1. Whiptail Lizard

Whiptail Lizard is first on the list of animals that can reproduce without sex. The whiptail lizard belongs to the family of autarchoglossal lizards native to the Americas.

However, members of this family are commonly known as whiptails or racerunners and they reproduce asexually.

To reproduce, the whiptail engages in mating behavior with other females of its own species. It is one of several lizard species known to be parthenogenetic.

Additionally, the lizards of the species can be created either by the hybridization of the lesser striped whip and the western whip or by the parthenogenetic breeding of an adult New Mexico whip.

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2. Aphids

Animals that can reproduce without sex

Second on the list of top 10 animals that can reproduce without sex is the aphid from kingdom Animalia. Aphids are small sap-sucking insects and members of the Aphidoidea superfamily.

However, aphids reproduce by thelytokous parthenogenesis in spring and summer under conditions of long days and high temperatures.

Aphids with a holocyclic cycle, oviparous males and females, appear in late fall and produce fertilized eggs for overwintering.

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3. Sponge

Animals that can reproduce without sex

A sponge is third on the list of animals that can reproduce without sex. Sponges are members of the phylum Porifera, a basal animal clade as a sister to Diploblasts.

Sponges reproduce asexually from sperm released into the surrounding water through the osculum. Each time it enters a female sponge through a pore, it will be trapped by a collar cell. The trapped sperm will be delivered to the female body where fertilization takes place.

Although fertilization of sponges involves sperm, it still does not include sex and this makes them one of the animals that reproduce without sex.

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4. Starfish

Animals that can reproduce without sex

Starfish reproduce by releasing their egg directly into the water. As the female starfish release their eggs, the males also release their sperm. A large male starfish will fill the sea with big cum.

Additionally, a starfish can reproduce when it accidentally cuts off 1/5 of its arms and central disc. The arms form another starfish and the new starfish will be identical to that of their parent.

They normally have a central disc and five arms, giving them their famous star shape. The starfish is a carnivorous animal that feeds on coral.

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5. Stick insects

Animals that can reproduce without sex

The stick insect is one of the animals that does not need to mate before reproduction. The animal does not meet a male before producing fertilized eggs. However, the Phasmid female will produce eggs and the eggs will hatch into females.

Although they usually reproduce without sex, their offspring are usually females and this type of reproduction is called parthenogenetic.

Their parthenogenetic reproduction places them among the animals that reproduce without having sex.

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6. Flatworm

On the list of the top 10 animals that can reproduce without sex is a tapeworm. Tapeworms can produce eggs in their bodies and fertilize them with sperm also generated by their bodies.

Generally, all flatworms are hermaphroditic, which means that an individual flatworm has both male and female reproductive components. They engage in both sexual and asexual reproduction, but are mostly asexual.

In addition, flatworms are hermaphroditic. This means that it has both male and female reproductive organs and can reproduce on its own.

Because Flatworm has both male and female reproductive organs, this makes it one of the animals that can reproduce without sex.

7. Sharks

Sharks are among the animals that can give birth and also lay their eggs externally in the water for fertilization.

However, sharks have safe internal fertilization, thus developing and hatching the eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the shark will lay them on the sea floor for them to be fed by a yolk sac inside the egg capsule.

8. Scorpios

Among the top 10 animals that can reproduce without sex is Scorpio. This process that it undergoes is called parthenogenesis.

Scorpions are Vivaporous, giving birth to young instead of laying eggs. Once the eggs are fertilized, they remain in the female body for some time.

However, most scorpions reproduce asexually, thus not requiring males to fertilize their eggs.

9. Amazon Molly

Amazon Molly is one of the fish that reproduces asexually, which makes it one of the animals that can reproduce without sex.

It reproduces using gynogenesis, which ultimately means they reproduce by creating clones of themselves. When it comes to reproduction, females clone themselves so that the offspring resemble their mother. Although the sperm of a heterogeneous male are necessary to trigger the development of the embryo, they do not actually contribute to fertilization.

10. Wasp

The wasp, a narrow-waisted insect suborder Apocrita of the order Hymenoptera, completes the list of the top 10 animals capable of reproducing without sex.

The wasp reproduces asexually, when a female wasp emerges she is already fertilized and ready to find another fig to lay her eggs.

Fertilized female wasps crawl into unripe figs that contain unfertilized flowers to lay their eggs. And in doing so, transport pollen from fig to fig, thus pollinating the flowers and producing those crunchy seeds.

Below is a brief summary of the Top 10 animals that can reproduce without having sex:

  1. whip lizard
  2. Aphid
  3. Sponge
  4. Starfish
  5. stick insects
  6. Flatworm
  7. the Sharks
  8. Scorpios
  9. Amazon Molly
  10. Wasp


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