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“The universe wants you to be whole”[1] Rob bell

“If Jesus is the face of God, then it is a benevolent universe… and God is on our side.[2] Bro. Richard Rohr

“Even at the subatomic level, all matter is move towards development, reproduction and growth. Karl forehand

Several years ago I started to sprout. No, I didn’t have a growth spurt in my 50s. I learned how to grow sprouts from seeds. It really is a fairly straightforward process. I buy the seeds online, then keep them moist for a few days until they produce amazing little plants that contain tons of phytonutrients and vitamins. The nutritional value of these little beauties is out of the ordinary and they are so easy to grow. My favorite is a mix of broccoli, alfalfa and radish called Broccoli and friends.

All the information and intelligence needed to grow a nutritious miniature version of a plant is contained in tiny seeds from other plants at an earlier date. One proceeds from the other, conveying the necessary and precise information to grow and prosper. When the seeds first receive water and then minerals from the soil and later energy from the sun, they sometimes grow into huge plants that know exactly who they are and what they are becoming.

Humans, of course, are different, but who tells a child how to grow things like ears, nose, fingers, and toes? Does the parent oversee the building of vital organs or do they mimic the parent in a subtle way that delights us and identifies us with the people we come from? With the very simple and ancient act of intercourse, a complex process begins without even a thought on the part of the humans involved who ends up becoming another human being. All the complexity of a human comes from a single cell that divides, duplicates, and transmits information. This process which will eventually produce a person mainly takes place without the intervention of the couple who provided the sperm and egg.

The whole universe is moving in this way towards healing, prosperity and becoming. There is a natural drumbeat and a progression towards reproduction and progress. Even when we experience temporary setbacks like disease and disaster, there is an energy and focus to be and become who we already are. When called upon by water, the seed will begin the process of becoming a plant and producing seeds which will become more plants. When the sperm reaches the egg, it begins the journey to personality and ultimately to what I would call fullness.

In the spiritual realm, we might call it holiness or enlightenment or salvation. But, whatever we call it, it completes what the whole universe is striving for. I think Rob Bell is right, “The universe is rigged in our favor.” He is gradually moving towards restoring everything to the place it always was.

How does this connect with the law of attraction? Many people have been helped by the law of attraction. As I understand it, a basic definition might be “You get what you put your energy into and focus on” or at least you to attract these things. This is certainly helpful in giving us what we want. There are a multitude of coaches and guides out there who teach people to streamline their focus and energy on exactly what they want to help them achieve their goals and attract what serves them best.

I definitely support the Law of Attraction and hope everyone gets what they want. In some ways, the law of attraction will affect us whether we understand it or not. We will attract what we are focusing on, and it can be helpful to direct our attention in positive directions. But, what if what we want doesn’t match who we really are? It may help us accomplish our first half of life and our ego goals, but I don’t think it’s going to bring us home. At the very least, it is perhaps a secondary tool that only achieves wholeness when we understand who we really are.

One danger I see with mantras and intentions is that they can cause us to bypass the necessary struggles and healing work that keeps us from becoming whole. The main question “Who am I?” Should come before the question of what I want? When we find out who we are, we will also find out what makes us whole. It’s more than attracting, it’s becoming what we have always been.

What does this have to do with religion? In my tradition, the main message was “You are broken, do you want to be fixed? There was some truth to it, but the solution was completely wrong. He pointed out that the answer is to become like us, believe like us, and then act like us if you want to be made good. It was an individual invitation to join the group and begin to be more like them. Deviation from the plan was not encouraged and it left us all broken and dissatisfied.

The alternate message begins with the assumption that the flow of the universe is towards progress and that we are all programmed to thrive, grow and reproduce towards fullness. It is less about consenting to the human idea of ​​what the group should look like and more about entering into a flow that is old and becoming more fully human. It is about discovering what we authentically are and becoming what we have always been.

Broccoli has become what it used to be. We don’t need to become what we imagine. We have to become what we authentically are. It is wholeness – it is progress – it is the goal.

The good news is that the universe is oriented authenticity and it is also conducive to be present. Plants and animals seem to understand this to the best of their understanding. Each day they set out to become what they are and they live and breathe in the presence of the here and now.

The universe wants us to be whole, prosperous and growing. Sometimes we have to face our wounds so that we can be present and authentic as we move towards that divinely inspired wholeness. None of us can fully explain every aberration we see, especially since many of our human woes and challenges stem from our out of place desires. But, we can very clearly see the intention of the universe if we look closely and contemplate carefully.

Because we are OF God, we are moving towards that fullness which is as natural as a tree growing to majestic heights from a small acorn. All aspects of nature, including humans, evolve naturally with this intelligence and this purpose of being and becoming who we are. Things like ego and trauma can intercept and block us to some extent. They often mark us, but they can never really define us. We can get into the flow when we realize who we are becoming, which is what we have always been.




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