The enthusiasm of pro-choice voters is much higher than I thought!

GOTV will be key in 2022!!!

Like most Kos readers, I am very concerned that voter enthusiasm because the 2022 midterm elections may not meet my expectations, so I started looking for evidence. The big picture is muddy at best, so I decided to examine sections of the Democratic base — bit by bit — to build a case. Since female voters are arguably the largest slice of Democratic voters, I turned to Planned Parenthood. I interviewed their Director of Advocacy Communications, Sam Lau, on April 26, 2022. Sam said that “there is now a record level of support for reproductive rights” in the United States. Besides sharing a recent Navigator poll with me, Sam Lau had a lot more to say on the subject!

I first looked at Planned Parenthood because it is national, well known, and provides comprehensive health care services. Sometimes better known as a source of abortion services, the PP also provides birth control services; cancer screenings; wellness checks; screening and management of STDs; tips; and much more. The PP is also at the center of the national debate on the right to choose versus the right to life. They are really in the heart of the matter!

It is evident that many conservative states in the United States are working to limit or prevent women from having abortions. Many of them look to examples like Texas, where their Senate Bill 8 limited abortions to the first 6 weeks of a pregnancy, which for mothers is such a short period that they may not even realize they are pregnant. Additionally, TX law offers rewards to anyone bringing a civil action against abortion providers. This political turmoil has caused concern and deep concern among most progressive women and men.

This law – SB8 – also provides “no exceptions for diagnoses of rape, sexual abuse, incest and fetal abnormality.” Lau said the threat of such laws is widely known, and PP sees a “jeincrease in the number of people willing to get involved and fight back”. This resulted in increased donations to the PP, and more so to local health care clinics. Texas law, says Lau, “is wildly unpopular in other states”.

When I asked Lau if he thought there was a growing enthusiasm for the protection of reproductive rights, he was categorical. He said “Yes, there is a record number of people who support Planned Parenthood and its programs. In fact, 81% of Democrats. are in favor of the PP, against 53% of the Indeps. and 32% from Repubs. by Browser. The majority of those polled were pro-choice, compared to 36% who were pro-life. This included 76% of Dems surveyed, while 18% of them are pro-life.

The tribunal [SCOTUS] undermine roe deer Would motivate Democrats far more than Republicans to run in 2022, according to the survey. Overall, 61% more voters surveyed would be more motivated to come forward, including 70% of Democrats and 72% of pro-choice voters.” This sentiment was echoed by Lau, who believes the gutting of Roe v. Wade will crystallize the movement, and that “It will be a turning point … that will lead to historic participation in the Democratic Party, driven by anger[againstpolitics}” This statement, backed up by the survey results, is one of the best pieces of evidence that my theory has merit.

Lau also pointed out that both the PP and the LBGTQ are the target of a right-wing “coordinated attack” on personal rights. Sexuality in any case is under intense scrutiny from Republicans and. al. This scrutiny translates into legislative and personal attacks whenever representatives’ fear of change is brought to the fore. The silver lining is that those who want to make reproductive decisions for themselves are joined by those who want to retain their rights in the LGBTQ movement.

After reviewing Sam Lau’s interview – as well as the survey – I think Dem enthusiasm is more entrenched in the body politic than polls and surveys have indicated. At the same time, the idea based on “conventional wisdom” that the President’s Party will lose seats in the midterm elections is not always correct. I do not agree that this year will follow this pattern. In fact, I expect a resounding rebuke to the Republicans, and their big lie, the January 6 insurrection, Repug. corruption and the highly unpopular Rep. platform put forward by Rick Scott (R-Fla) calling for higher taxes for low-income Americans and the abolition of programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and even more.

A majority of Americans who describe themselves as “pro-choice” say the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade would make them “much more motivated” to vote in 2022. However you plan to vote in November…if the Supreme Court’s conservative majority on the court were to overturn Roe v. Wade, would that make you more or less upvote? Court undermining Roe would motivate Democrats far more than Republicans to run in 2022

Browser Poll ** Link to the survey I quoted from Planned Parenthood

Note: This diary is the first in a planned 5-6 part series on Dem enthusiasm for 2022.

Next step: fundraising by Dem groups as an indicator of enthusiasm!



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