tea contest in central Taiwan uses DNA sequencing to oust fraudsters | Taiwan News



TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – DNA sequencing helped flush out con artists at a high-stakes tea contest in central Taiwan, the first of its kind in the country.

The Lugu Farmers Association in Nantou County on Monday, December 20 released the list of winners for this year’s winter tea competition along with the information of five entrants who were disqualified for allegedly competing with imported teas. , through Time of freedom.

The tea leaf submissions by the alleged fraudsters – two from Nantou County, two from Chiayi County and one from Changhua County – were determined to have been cultivated overseas using a sequencing technique DNA. The samples have been destroyed and the authors face final disqualification from the competition as well as prosecution for fraud and breach of trust if they commit the offense again, TVBS reported, citing the association.

The technology was used for the first time in the 45-year history of the tea contest to ensure fair play. It has become a highly coveted award as winning teas can benefit from a price increase.

The biggest prize winner, certified “premium”, can see the prices climb to NT $ 300,000 (US $ 10,772) per tw-catty, or a weight of 600 grams. Started in 1976 with 300 entries, the Taiwanese tea contest attracted 5,025 submissions this year, according to Liberty Times.



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