Sonic and Shadow’s DNA combined to create Blue Blur replacement


In Imposter Syndrome #3, Surge the Tenrec learns that she is made of not only Sonic the Hedgehog’s DNA, but also Shadow and the Metal Virus.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Sonic the Hedgehog: Imposter Syndrome #3!

The evil Dr. Starline just dropped a huge hint that sonic the hedgehogSurge the Tenrec’s cyborg replacement contains Shadow the Hedgehog’s DNA as well as Blue Blur and Metal Sonic, the latter of which is already involved. The Evil Doctor bluntly admitted, however, that he incorporated some of Dr. Eggman’s Metal Virus into Surge.

Surge and his sidekick Kitsunami “Kit” the Fennec, who is Tails’ cyborg replacement, learn how they were created by secretly accessing Starline’s recordings behind his back in Sonic the Hedgehog: Impostor Syndrome #3 by writer Ian Flynn, artists Thomas Rothlisberger and Mauro Fonseca, colorist Valentina Pinto and letterer Shawn Lee. During one of his recordings, the doctor is quite ambiguous when he mentions that he gathered certain ingredients for his creations. But for readers’ benefit, the comic completes its words with an image of Sonic, Metal Sonic, and Shadow. Much later in another recording, Starline also mentions how he used the Metal Virus in the creation of Surge: “I had repurposed the Metal Virus resilience into safe cellular upgrades to complement the cybernetic upgrades.


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In addition to bringing back, to some extent, a dynamic character who hasn’t appeared in the comics recently, the inclusion of Shadow the Hedgehog’s DNA in Surge gives fans plenty of room to speculate on how it will affect Surge. The less intriguing possibility is that Surge inherited the way Shadow prioritizes his own self-interest above all else, only aligning himself with others when it benefits him in some way. This might explain why Surge has been so disobedient and difficult for Dr. Starline to control, as it was his idea to hack into their master’s records and later betray him. Another less exciting theory is that Shadow’s enhanced immunity to the metal virus is what allows Surge to contain certain aspects of the virus without being infected. What fans are hoping for, however, is that Surge can harness some of Shadow’s unique powers. While Surge can control electricity, that’s nothing compared to Shadow’s ability to warp space and time.

The incorporation of the Metal Virus is also exciting for fans as the eponymous saga where it infected Sonic’s world was, until the impostor syndrome special event, the one good thing about IDW sonic the hedgehog series. While it’s highly unlikely and would seem particularly over the top if the Metal Virus were to be unleashed on the world again, readers will no doubt appreciate this legend even though its inclusion won’t affect the plot in any way – except explaining the resilience. by Surge. Sure, impostor syndrome proved that IDW is capable of generating intriguing storylines despite an overwhelming abundance of disappointing stories and flat characters. So maybe the Metal Virus could come back but in a different form that feels natural and logical.

Either way, these recent developments regarding Shadow’s DNA and the Metal Virus make an already thrilling moment in the IDW series even better. Let’s just hope this momentum continues and doesn’t fall into the same lull that has plagued sonic the hedgehog for so long after the conclusion of the Metal Virus saga.

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