NASA fears astronauts may get pregnant in space


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Sex in space is a fascinating subject – but NASA boffins are apparently more concerned with reproduction.

In interviews with The daily beastspace health experts discussed NASA’s official policies on sex and conception in space, which prohibit astronauts from putting it on.

“Official NASA policy prohibits [sex and] design in space,” a space medicine expert told the The beast“and for good reason.”

The particular reason? According to The beastAccording to the NASA report, NASA is concerned that someone could experience an unwanted pregnancy in space, opening up the most messy questions possible about the reproductive health and well-being of an unborn fetus in an environment. out of the world.

It is with good reason. According to The beast, although experiments have had “limited success” with offspring from invertebrates and insects, mammals have yet to conceive space babies capable of surviving on Earth. As far as we know, however, your pregnancy is entirely possible.

“Anatomically and biologically,” said Baylor space medicine expert Jennifer Fogarty, “there are no known barriers to human conception in space.”

But there are “serious concerns”, she said, that microgravity and radiation could spoil or even kill a fetus.

In fact, we don’t even know much about how space affects human bodies. And what little we do know suggests that overall, space is quite hostile to human health.

To know more, however, science will have to know more about sex in space. While there’s no official record of off-world sexual activity, there are some pointers to how it might be happening – and those insights are, shall we say, intriguing.

“Former NASA astronaut Mike Mullane has publicly stated that during missions he woke up with erections that could’ve ‘drilled through kryptonite,“” said Simon Dubé, a researcher at the Kinsey Institute and space sexologist. The beast.

Although there are concerns that microgravity reduces blood flow, Mullane’s weightless morning wood anecdote suggests that it may actually facilitate sex.

The report also notes that Jonathan Miller, a longtime NASA engineer who has worked with the agency for more than 30 years, once joked about the particular difficulties of having sex where gravity is not. present.

“Sex in space is overrated” Miller joked in response to a Quora thread. “On the one hand, the number of positions is reduced by half… And then you have to add fasteners and retainers… well after reflection, too bad.”

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