Man charged after his DNA was found on Mtn Dew cans


VALLEY BEND, W.Va. — A man has been charged with allegedly breaking into a Randolph County business after DNA results showed he was in the building.

In July 2021, deputies from the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department responded to a break-in call at J Rod’s Vending in Valley Bend, according to a criminal complaint.

Matthew Johnson

When the deputies arrived at the establishment, they found that the trade “had objects thrown everywhere”. Deputies said they also saw “yellow liquid on the floor believed to be human waste” and two cans of Mountain Dew Voltage that weren’t there when the business closed, according to an employee.

Deputies noticed that the cans had been opened and drunk, so the cans were then sent to the West Virginia State Police lab for analysis, according to the complaint.

On December 15, the State Police lab returned with a report from the Mountain Dew Voltage boxes and was able to extract a DNA sample. He then requested a DNA sample from Mathew Johnson, 25, who was a person interested in the crime who was at TVRJ “on unrelated charges”, the deputies said.

On March 22, 2022, the state police lab returned the saliva sample results and found that “Johnson’s DNA matches both boxes,” according to the complaint.

Johnson was charged with breaking and entering. He is being held at Tygart Valley Regional Jail.


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