How did Yorick survive the virus in the comics?


Before Y the Last Man was a live-action series, the comic revealed the disgusting way Yorick Brown survived the series’ plague extinction event.

With Y: The Last Man finally making his long-awaited live-action debut, the question of how Yorick Brown survived the “gendercide” that wiped out anyone with a Y chromosome has once again arisen. The series didn’t really detail the plague. as much as it focuses on world-building and emotional issues with the characters, but the completed Vertigo Comics series has spent considerable time on this particular topic, offering a potential solution to why Yorick was able to survive.

In Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s comic book series, an unknown event wiped out (almost) all mammals with a Y chromosome, causing them to bleed from their heads and die, except for the artist from escape Yorick and his pet monkey Ampersand. But as the last of its kind, it was in danger as a resource to be experienced, potentially playing a crucial role in the long-term survival of humanity. His journey would then take him to his mother, Jennifer, who used her political influence, along with Agent 355, to bring him to Dr. Allison Man’s lab where they uncovered a dirty and disgusting secret about his survival.

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Allison studied both Yorick and Esperluette and determined that it was not luck or divine providence. Y: The last man # 30 made him think the capuchin throwing poo at Yorick produced a science shield. Somehow, Yorick’s body had a reaction and developed unique antibodies, which she said provided immunity. Yorick couldn’t believe it, but later when Allison met her father, Matsumori, it became clear that this was not a random mutation in the animal.

Her father hated the way she competed with him in cloning experiments and imprinted. As such, he used monkeys as laboratory rats, infecting them with chemical agents. One of them was Ampersand, whom he sent to Allison to kill his unborn clone, only for the animal to meet up with Yorick, who was looking for something to train. Matsumori believed that when Allison went into labor it meant that sexual reproduction was no longer necessary, which prompted Earth to send out a bio-wave to kill men. However, it seems that the chemicals in the ampersand had the opposite effect, as the science of these doctors was accurate, thus saving him from the signal of death. In Yorick’s case, he was biologically contaminated with monkey poo, which is why he could resist it.

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Ironically, Yorick hated being in close contact with all of Ampersand’s raw bodily fluids, and he couldn’t believe that they had spared them from the doomsday event. Of course, the exact cause of the outbreak has never been confirmed, as Vaughn himself teased many different angles on the incident.

However, Ampersand’s poo theory is science-based and seems more plausible than the theory that the engagement ring Yorick bought from a magical ship for Beth saved him from whatever was going on. Seeing that the ring does not explain Ampersand’s survival, it leaves the poo evidence more solid as the Capuchin also threw it at Matsumori, which suggests the medic survived as he was also protected like Yorick.

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