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Aliens are back in American Horror Story as the villains of Death Valley, but how do they compare to Season 2’s Asylum Aliens?

Aliens in american horror story season 10 is Death Valleythe main villains when they kidnap and manipulate humans on Earth, while the creatures also exhibit several key similarities and differences to the aliens who played a significant role in AHS: Asylum. Death Valley takes place in two stages: the 1950s, as the aliens strike a deal with President Dwight Eisenhower, and the day a group of students become the aliens’ new test subjects. american horror story Season 10 characters face decades-old mysteries and conspiracies as the government’s role in partnering with alien life forms is revealed.

Foreigners were first inducted into the american horror story universe in season 2, where several Asylumthe characters were kidnapped and experimented with in the 1960s. Aliens played a much smaller role in Asylum that in Death Valley, but they were an integral part of the resolutions of the main characters like Kit, Grace, Dr. Arden and Jude. The american horror story The season also left viewers with many mysteries about aliens that were never explained, including the purpose of their experiments and why they were so obsessed with Evan Peters’ character, Kit Walker. With Death Valley bringing back the creatures, these questions can finally be answered.

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The two Death Valley and AsylumAliens have an odd fixation on reproduction, with a few characters in each season being imbued with the aliens following an abduction. American Horror Story: The AsylumThe aliens focused on Kit Walker for some unknown reason, making sure her sex partners got pregnant after kidnapping them. AHS season 10 Death Valley aliens don’t seem to have a specific human they wish to impregnate – as all of the characters so far who have been abducted, but not really possessed by them, have returned to Earth pregnant. Amelia Earhart was gone for two decades, so it’s unclear why they spent so long experimenting on her before bringing her back to Earth two months pregnant. Today’s college students, on the other hand, were very briefly kidnapped and fired.

They also share a similar way of announcing their kidnapping, particularly with a bright white light flashing to announce that one is there or that they are taking someone with them. Death ValleyAliens have obviously helped the United States and the world at large to advance technology at a rapid pace. american horror story season 10 suggests that microwaves, cell phones, and other modern technology were brought to the United States by aliens during and after Eisenhower’s presidency. It’s already clear in AHS: Asylum that aliens are technologically advanced, as seen when Doctor Arden finds an indestructible micro-bot that was placed in Kit’s body as a type of spyware.

The biggest difference between Asylum and Death ValleyAliens so far are their physical appearances. american horror story The aliens in season 2 had a different texture and shape for their faces and looked a lot bigger. Death ValleyAliens have extremely large black eyes, shorter stature, and stereotypical pop culture alien limbs and head. AHS The Season 10 aliens also embark on killings after taking the bodies of some of their hostages, a tactic never seen before in Asylum. It is not clear if american horror story‘s Death Valley and Asylum aliens are meant to be the same species, but if so, the new season will be able to answer many of the unanswered questions left by AHS aliens from season 2.

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