GutCheck launches the “Gutsiest Brands” project – A new platform exploring the DNA of winning brands


DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In an ultra-competitive world, some brands have a knack for winning, while others wonder why their new products, services and campaigns are missing out. All brands aspire to have loyal and engaged followers, but some are better at truly connecting with people in that “they get me” way.

By studying the brands that regularly win, GutCheck, the Agile Human Experience Intelligence business, recognized a model of businesses that go below the surface to truly understand people in a multidimensional way and, most importantly, apply that learning decisively.

GutCheck found that these brands exhibited four key behaviors: they lead with empathy; they demonstrate a pioneering spirit; they support bold ideas; and they see opportunities where others see compromises.

“We called the brands that display these traits the boldest brands,” says Rob Wengel, CEO of GutCheck. “We are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of brand impressions daily, and we reward brands with our attention and affinity when they authentically engage us. Brands that understand our emotions, personalities, and needs end up winning our hearts and minds.

The Gutsiest Brands Project, led by a new podcast available on all major streaming podcast networks, celebrates the stories of the people and companies who paved the way – from global brand leaders to entrepreneurs – and explores the lessons they have learned along the way.

Wengel concludes, “It takes courage to break through, and we take inspiration from brands that consistently do so. GutCheck is happy to share its experiences as a catalyst to encourage others to do the same. The Gutsiest Brands project will be an ongoing cross-channel conversation, helping more brands deliver refreshing human experiences.

For more information on GutCheck’s Gutsiest Brands Project, visit the website. To chat with GutCheck about how we can help you put people at the center of your innovation and communications strategies, or if you’d like to appear on our podcast, please email [email protected]

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