Fishers PD uses new technology to test DNA samples in-house


FISHERMEN – The Fishermen’s Police Department can now test DNA in just 90 minutes. The new technology is called Rapid it DNA. Fishers PD is the first state agency to use the equipment.

“Rapid DNA basically allows us to create DNA profiles in-house at a local level,” Fisherman Police Chief Ed. Gebhart said.

The $250,000 investment is currently only used in two other states, Arizona and Pennsylvania. According to Fishers PD, agencies already using the technology have seen an increase in resolved cases.

“Every state we spoke to while researching this project had nothing but positive things to say about it in terms of their crime statistics and their ability to quickly get DNA results and link the crimes together at a faster pace,” Detective Sgt. Jim Hawkins with Fishers PD said.

Previously, the Fishermen’s Police Department sent crime scene samples to the Indiana State Police. This process took much longer than the 90 minutes the department is now expecting.

“We are still sending these samples to them for confirmation,” Chief Gebhart said. “But, we are allowed to do matches internally and go in the direction of solving crimes or identifying people in some kind of disaster or accident or maybe something happened. where people need to be identified.”

Before investing in the technology, they made sure it was accurate by comparing the new machine’s results to those of the Indiana State Police.

“We also did a validation study with the Indiana State Police lab to make sure we got the same results on our DNA as they did and everything was the same,” Hawkins said.

The department says this new equipment will not only benefit fishermen, but surrounding agencies as well.

“We have helped agencies around us and will continue to try to be community partners in both Indianapolis and Hamilton County,” Chief Gebhhart said.

Rapid Hit DNA has been in use for a few months. Fisherman’s Police say the technology can also be used to identify victims of things like accidents. They say the technology is much more commonly used in other countries. Mainly because some countries that use this technology don’t have a DNA database like we have in the United States.


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