DNA sample links Oklahoma City man to 2015 rape


OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — An Oklahoma City man was arrested this week for a sexual assault in 2015.

Officials say a DNA test linked him to a case that has remained unsolved for nearly seven years.

The sexual assault took place over six and a half years ago and it turns out that the suspect’s house was in the next street.

“It was in 2015 when a woman went to a party,” said MSgt. Gary Knight of the Oklahoma City Police Department. “She was out with her boyfriend. They stopped in front of this house where there was apparently a party going on. At some point, she became very drunk.

According to a 2015 police report, the woman stayed outside in the car to sleep while he drove to the party.

“Once she regained consciousness, when she woke up from being drunk, she didn’t know what had happened,” Knight said.

Police say they knew she had been sexually assaulted, but as to who was responsible has remained a mystery until now.

A DNA match from a rape kit was eventually found.

“You fast forward all these years later and our sex crimes unit received a CODIS hit, a DNA hit identifying a suspect in the case,” Knight said.

Julien Serrato

This suspect, Julian Serrato, had been convicted of impaired driving and placed on probation.

A DNA test linked him to the 2015 case.

“They were able to get an arrest warrant very quickly, and then the suspect was eventually jailed,” Knight said.

Serrato is now charged with first-degree rape.

He called and surrendered to police without incident on Tuesday afternoon.


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