Cops collect blood samples for DNA testing from 2 Hindu and Muslim families | Allahabad News


Prayagraj: Police collected blood samples from the two families, belonging to different faiths, on Sunday in Kaushambi district for DNA tests which claimed the body of the youngster, who was killed in a train crash on June 11, was a member of their family.
Police also dug up Sunday’s body to take the sample. The youth’s body was buried in a cemetery in the Sirathu area of Kaushambi district about 20 days ago. The body was buried after performing the autopsy.
Deputy SP (Sirathu) Dr KG Singh told TOI, “A youth lost his life in a train accident on June 11 near Sirathu area of ​​Kaushambi district. On June 14, a Muslim family approached the relevant police station and established their identity as their missing family member.
However, five days ago, a Hindu family of fatehpur approached Kaushambi district authorities and claimed that the youth, who had been killed in an accident, was their son. PSDmeanwhile, said: “With the claim of another family, there were two claimants (of different faiths) of the body.”
One of the group members from a Muslim family had confirmed the identity of the deceased youth as Ramzan Ahmad on June 14 and the body was later buried after carrying out the autopsy. While the other Hindu family approached the district authorities claiming the youngster was their son named Suraj, he added.
Once the family has filed their application with the district authorities, Kaushambi DM ordered to collect DNA samples from both families as well as from the boy who died on Sunday. As per the Deputy Minister’s order, the body was dug up for sample collection on Sunday.


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