Company Provides Clinical-Grade Technology for Animal DNA Testing and Analysis | Agriculture News


The growing interest of individuals and organizations in using their genomic data is changing the landscape for genetic solutions and Resero Genomics is helping to lead evolution.

Resero is a genomics services company specializing in DNA banking, genomic analysis and genetic data visualization. True to its Latin namesake, resero, which means “to unlock, discover or reveal,” the Salt Lake City, Utah-based company has extended human genomic technology to DNA analysis for livestock, horses and pets.

“We apply quality control standards for human DNA testing to the animal domain,” says Aaron Larsen, Chief Technology Officer of Resero. “We have a higher level of checks and balances because for us, an accuracy of 99.9% is not enough. This would mean that one in 1000 samples is wrong, which is unacceptable. “

Resero’s advanced approach to DNA lab services comes from its parent company, United Bio-Research Incorporated. With over 15 years of experience in the field of human genetics, UBRI works with professionals in science and industry to develop innovations and applications for use in medicine, genetics and agricultural sciences. In 2017, UBRI applied its capabilities to animal genomics and founded Resero, formerly known as Agritech.

Resero supplies test kits with PAXgene clinical grade human blood collection tubes for DNA banks. These test tubes provide an additional layer of quality control to ensure accurate and reproducible DNA sequence data, exceeding animal industry standards. High quality blood tubes do not require refrigeration during shipping.


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