“Check your DNA,” Indresh Kumar told Asaduddin Owaisi


Hyderabad: RSS National Executive Committee member Indresh Kumar reiterated his position that Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi should check his DNA to determine if it matches that of other Indians or if it is different from other Indians. ‘them.

Speaking at the launch of SC-ST Rashtriya Manch at the National Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (NITHM) located next to MANUU, he referred to an alleged statement made by Owaisi earlier that his DNA was different from other Indians. Kumar said: “When I asked him to go back in time and check his DNA, he went into silent mode.”

Kumar reiterated, “We all have common ancestors. We are all one and we are all Indians.

SC / ST Rashtriya Munch is a national NGO. Soon it will be launched in other parts of India, informed the president of the MANUU Teachers Association, Dr Bonthu Kotaiah.

Kumar described untouchability and “minoritism” as a cancerous disease for humanity. “It is a sin and a crime to practice it,” he said.

Referring to the UN, he said that when people of a particular group make up less than 3% of the population, they are considered a minority. “If they exceed that percentage, it’s the citizens of the nation. I wonder why and how some Muslim and Christian leaders claim to be minorities. They are the citizens of the nation. They are like all other citizens.

Indresh Kumar also said that India is one and will remain so. “We are all Indians. Our nation is our identity. We may have many religions, castes, beliefs, sub-sects, beliefs, customs, traditions, languages ​​and dialects, but we are all children of Bharat Mata (Mother India). She is our mother. India is our identity, ”he said.

With Indresh Kumar, members of the National Executive Committee of RSS, Professor RS Sarraju, Honorary Advisor for SRM of TS and AP; Ms. Sushma Pachpore, National Women’s Officer, Mr. Syed Fayazuddin, Moderator, also attended the function.


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