Brussels: a fair on the sale of children is controversial


From 5 to 7 November 2021, the Men having Babies fair was held in the European capital, to promote commercial surrogacy and offer surrogate mother contracts.

“The most complete parental conference for European homosexual men who wish to have children returns to Brussels in an immersive & responsible format”, specifies the site of the association Men having Babies: this could be the title of a film by horror.

On the program, the show notably offers a “start-up guide” in order to establish a “selection of providers”: in short, it is a question here of offering adults – in particular male couples, but also single people – enter into a contract with a surrogate mother, the choice of which is made from the catalog, in order to obtain the delivery of a child.

With more than 12,000 current and future gay “parents” around the world, the non-profit organization Men Have Babies is dedicated to helping these men.

The price of such a transaction varies between 90,000 and 160,000 euros, taking into account the many commercial intermediaries involved (agencies, clinics, lawyers, etc.). Several agencies specializing in surrogacy also provide for the possibility of choosing the sex of the baby, because it should not be forgotten that this possibility goes first through egg donation, then through in vitro fertilization and transplantation.

This makes it possible to sort the embryo and choose the sex of the child, which is normally prohibited by almost all national laws, except in the case of the “saving brother”. Another transgression that does not seem to bother the organizers, the sex of the baby being the subject of the commercial contract.

One can only wonder about the organization of such an exhibition of surrogacy in the heart of the European capital, since in a resolution voted on January 21, 2021, the European Parliament thus recalled that “sexual exploitation for surrogacy and reproduction… is unacceptable and constitutes a violation of human dignity and human rights.

Are there double standards in the application of European laws when it comes to defending the culture of life?

While Poland has received a series of threats from the European Parliament, for restricting the “right” to abortion and asserting that Polish law prevails over European law, this right is being violated under the nose of the same parliament which is standing. there like a dumb dog. We must believe that this famous right was strongly devalued in a few days.

Once again, the natural law which is once again flouted by such practices, with the aim of reinforcing, willingly or by force, in the custom, the habit of transgressing the most fundamental prohibitions of any human society.

Under the guise of “opening up parenthood to all couples”, Men having Babies ignores the deleterious implications of surrogacy in terms of respecting the integrity and dignity of women, as surrogates whose bodies are praised. , and for a child whose person is the subject of an operation.

These are all omissions that the International Coalition for the Abolition of Surrogacy (ICAS) intends to denounce.

On November 6, this pro-life association demonstrated in front of the Hotel in Brussels, to protest against the organization of the said fair, indicating that “the desire for children does not justify the instrumentalization of women, nor the sale and ‘purchase of a child’, adding that ‘whatever the form,[…]surrogacy is a practice unworthy of societies which defend human rights ”and that“ there is no such thing as “ethical” surrogacy ”.

But one should not be fooled either by the evolution of such practices: the forces against nature are so powerful, and so determined to progress, that the transgressions are not about to end. There is really something demonic about these practices, in the sense that the demon inspires these abominations out of hatred of God and his creation.

As much as we can, let us oppose these practices and turn to Him who can do anything to make them disappear.


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