A woman finds her biological family thanks to a DNA test


SAVANNAH, Tenn. “It’s a meeting you have to see to believe.

Edwonia Davis says she grew up in foster care for most of her life.

Through the ancestry.comfrom the DNA kit, she says she learned she had family members she never knew.

Last year, her biological father’s daughter, Davis’ sister, contacted ancestry.com.

Her biological father is John L. Davis Love of Savannah.

She and Love met a few months ago when he came to Atlanta to meet her.

Now she’s in Savannah to meet her eight siblings and stepmother, Mom Nancy.

Davis says the feeling of meeting her biological father was overwhelming.

“When I look at it, I see myself. And it’s overwhelming. It’s actually overwhelming,” Davis said.

And to her, she says all the dots are now connected and it feels like a literal homecoming.

“I no longer have to ask myself questions about anything. When I walked in, I felt at home. Going up, I felt like I was coming home,” Davis said.

Davis says she first wants to thank God for her perfect timing.

She also wants to thank all of her siblings, biological father and mom Nancy for opening their hearts and homes to her.

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