$480,000 grant awarded to Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Rapid DNA Program

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office

SPOKANE, Wash. — U.S. Attorney Vanessa R. Waldref on Friday announced a $480,000 Justice Department grant to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Rapid DNA program.

The grant will help local law enforcement identify, stop and prosecute both violent crimes and prolific property crimes, with the goal of improving the sheriff’s office’s technical expertise, increasing the number crimes solved in Spokane County and reduce crimes against persons and property.

Funding will be used by the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Unit. The Rapid DNA program is expected to accelerate the speed at which investigative leads can be developed, perpetrators identified and innocent parties cleared. Thus, offenders will be apprehended more quickly.

“This grant is an example of the Department of Justice’s commitment to dedicating resources to our local law enforcement partners to ensure Eastern Washington remains safe and strong,” Waldref said. “DNA testing is an essential tool in solving and prosecuting crimes. In fact, DNA analysis has proven to be the difference in identifying and, in some cases, exonerating the accused. By devoting these additional resources in Spokane County, we are able to help law enforcement hold perpetrators accountable and deter others from committing criminal acts in Eastern Washington.

You can find more information about grants and funding through the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs. here.

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