3 most controversial streamers of 2022


As the new year dawns, streamers can’t wait to start it off on a fresh and positive note. However, 2022 is already seeing its share of controversy, with some big names involved.

Controversies are expected within the streaming community. With a steady increase in viewership and stricter terms of service, streamers need to be careful about what they showcase on their platforms.

Barely a month into 2022, the year has had a rocky start for these streamers, from controversial comments and feuds to more serious incidents.

3 Most Controversial Streamers of 2022, So Far

3) Quin69

Quin69's controversial comment got him banned from Twitch (Image via Twitch)
Quin69’s controversial comment got him banned from Twitch (Image via Twitch)

Twitch streamer Quintin “Quin69” Crawford is no stranger to hot takes. 2022 marked its first Twitch ban, after nearly 7 years of streaming on the platform.

Starting the year on a controversial footing, Crawford’s criticism of the shorts he said revealed too much skin, and his subsequent comments about them justifying sexual assault by a “deranged person”, left his viewers unhappy. ‘easy.

Then, in a later stream, he said that if women weren’t necessary for reproduction, they would have been eradicated long ago. Deemed to be promoting hateful behavior or facilitating discrimination, regardless of his original intent, Twitch imposed a 14-day ban on him from their platform.

I have been banned. To put it bluntly, someone at twitch basically thinks I hate women. Obviously, I’m challenging the ban because I’m not a misogynist, just a baked clown who can’t always express myself very well. https://t.co/eraqqmy6JQ

2) SkyDoes Minecraft

SkyDoesMinecraft accused of abuse and assault (Image via Google)
SkyDoesMinecraft accused of abuse and assault (Image via Google)

Adam “SkyDoesMinecraft” Dahlberg was an early pioneer of Minecraft content on YouTube. Quickly rising to fame for its innovative gameplay, Dahlberg was a household name in the 2010s.

However, Adam was accused of trauma, abuse and assault by an ex-girlfriend. Twitter user ‘@Lizzybuggie’ aka Elizabeth, has released a full statement recalling, in detail, the instances of ongoing abuse she allegedly suffered. His claims were substantiated by screenshots and recordings of conversations with Dahlberg, as well as official police statements.

Additionally, after Elizabeth’s tweet, many of Dahlberg’s content creators, fans, friends, and colleagues shared their experiences. They accused Adam of manipulation, gaslighting and animal abuse, among other allegations.

Dear Adam Dahlberg aka netnobody afka Skydoesminecraft It’s time everyone knew the truth. I’m tired of letting you go with this. The police know. Put proofs below as they will not upload properly icloud.com/pages/096anNR0…

1) Pokimane

The controversy between Pokimane and JiDion rages on in Ninja and his wife too (Image via Sportskeeda)
The controversy between Pokimane and JiDion rages on in Ninja and his wife too (Image via Sportskeeda)

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is one of the biggest creators on Twitch. Controversies are an integral part of this territory and Pokimane’s start to 2022 is testament to that.

Pokimane received his first ban on Twitch, a 48-hour suspension for violating DMCA copyright laws. The ban came after watching the anime series Avatar: The Last Airbender during his livestream.

This was followed by Imane being “attacked with hate” by Twitch partner JiDion and her community. Many of his fellow creators believe the raid was the result of misogyny. The internet has flocked to support her. JiDion then received a permanent ban from Twitch.

I get hit for DMCA “what an idiot” Poki get hit for DMCA “STUPID LEECH BITCH LAZY NO CONTENT TRASH MORON CANNOT DO ANT CONTENT WEARS FAT UGLY MAKEUP-” you can shit on me for watching anime , but some people use this as a reason to be sexist and hateful towards her

Ninja and his wife, Jessica Blevins, soon found themselves entangled in all the controversy. Ninja reportedly agreed to help JiDion revoke his permaban, after JiDion approached Blevins on his livestream to help. But when Pokimane talked about it on his livestream, Blevins denied the same. Ninja and his wife are now planning to sue Imane for defamation.

Pokimane calls out Ninja saying he will never address this situation as he is afraid of the repercussions of standing up against hate raids and misogyny and it could kill his brand Dear lord https://t.co/68eVlgXzUN

The Pokimane-Jidion controversy ended after the latter apologized.

As influencers, these creators are the most sensitive to controversy. Being part of the online community exposes them to inevitable scrutiny and criticism, but also provides them with the support of loyal fans and friends.

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