1:1 Family Constellation Sessions in Sedona – September 3


(ONLY 3 PLACES AVAILABLE FOR SEPTEMBER 3) During this private session, Iara Line (your Family Constellation Facilitator) will use your family history, dynamics and morphogenetic field to better understand an unresolved situation in your life, such as but not limited to issues of repetitive destructive behaviors, health, relationship issues, finances, profession, etc. You will choose one main issue to work on during the session.

During your session, your loved one will be represented by figurines or objects.
With your permission, Iara will enter the morphogenetic field of your family members and uncover the interactions and issues that may exist within your family members that are causing the current problem.

In systemic constellation work, we know that the well-being of the individual is integrally linked to the well-being of the family system.

The Family Constellation understands that when family members experience pain or trauma, it sometimes remains emotionally unresolved or unprocessed. This suppressed emotional response is passed on to subsequent generations of the family system through epigenetic inheritance.

The emotional trauma of former family members becomes a problem for a family descendant when it is not resolved in a healthy way. Until it is resolved, some family members will carry the suppressed emotion into their body cells as some sort of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or relationship symptom.

“Family Constellations are an effective way to transform what is holding you back so you can live your life from your greatest potential. The purpose of Family Constellations is to empower you to break existing toxic patterns so you can live a happier and more fulfilling life.


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